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RAR, an abbreviation for Roshal Archive Compressed, is a compressed file, or data container that contains some files and folders in it. File sharing websites and software distributors, at times, put their data in a RAR file so that they can compress it to a smaller size at a later on stage, which would help you to download the file faster than usual. A password can secure These data are encrypted so that its contents are not visible to other people. This post will help you choose the best Rar File Opener.

Extract/Convert to ISO any disk image Create ISO from CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks and folders. Support of DMG, RAR, 7Z, PKG. (20+ formats) Command line support. If you are looking for a quicker compression program with the best archiving features (e.g. Encrypt data, image size reduction & watermarks, remove personal data from files, convert doc to pdf, share in the cloud and more), then you should check out latest version of WinZip. Step 1: Right-click the RAR file you want to convert and select Extract Here from the context menu. Step 2: Once the folder is extracted, right-click it and choose Add to archive. Step 3: In the window that opens click General tab and select ZIP in the “ Archive format” section and click OK button.

Most of the RAR files are not password protected, like files containing images, documents, videos, etc. RAR files are handy when you need to download a vast amount of pictures or videos, as instead of downloading each video or photo, one by one, you can download all of them at once, by downloading the RAR file.

RAR is a derivation from WinRAR. The only difference between them is that WinRAR is not free, whereas, RAR is free to use, with plenty of free RAR openers available. To extract the data compressed within the RAR files, RAR File Opener Software is required. There are plenty of RAR File Opener Software’s available:


  • 1 Best Rar File Opener
    • 1.2 IZIP
    • 1.3 WinZip

Best Rar File Opener


This is an open source software, which is useful for opening RAR files. It is a RAR File Opener Software is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. Every RAR File Opener Software needs a license. Similarly, 7 Zip, also has a permit and any computer can use it, including the ones in a commercial organization.

The best part about 7 Zip is that you do not have to pay or register to download and use it. It has an advantage over PKZip and WinZip in ZIP and GZIP formats, as it provides a compression ratio, which is 2-10% better than the compression ratios offered by them.

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This RAR File Opener Software is the easiest way to manage RAR files. It is entirely free and effortless to install and can unRAR your data without any limitations. There are no advertisements, spyware, constraints, time limits or any other catches. IZIP only runs on Intel Mac OS X 10.10 or above and MacOS Sierra as well.iZip is simple to use and appears as a removable disc in your OS X Finder.

You can then use Finder to manage your compressed files. It has a partnership with under which, iZip provides secure file sharing. You can click on the Share button to upload and share your data over the Internet. iZip can support up to 256-bit AES ZIP encryption.

The steps to be followed are:

Download iZip

  • Open the App Store.
  • Tap Search.
  • Click the App Store search bar.
  • Type in iZip, then tap Search.
  • Hit GET.
  • Enter your Apple ID password or Touch ID.

Open your RAR file

iPhones don’t have file managers, and thus, your RAR file will be in an email or app or a cloud storage app. You need to open the app in which the RAR file is stored and click on it. A grey screen will appear in the middle of the screen with the RAR file’s name.

Click on the rectangle with an arrow, on the lower-left corner of the screen and swipe all the way to the right. Then, press Copy to iZip and click on OK.

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For Android users, RAR File Opener Software like iZip is not useful and therefore, they have to download WinZip to uncompress the RAR files. WinZip was the first file compression and decompression software for Windows and can work with large files efficiently. It is thus, the most famous software used by the world.

It can unRAR files instantly and protects data with banking-level AES encryption. Catalina apple update. The data uncompressed can be shared directly to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, ZipShare, etc. WinZip has many versions, and a version for Mac is also in use.

Download the WinZip app

To download, follow the instructions given below:

  • Open the Play Store .
  • Tap the search bar.
  • Type in WinZip.
  • Click WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool.
  • Tap Install.
  • Hit Accept.

There is a green button near the top of the WinZip app page which says OPEN, press on that, and then click on GET STARTED. Then, go to the RAR file and there, you will find two options, SD or Internal. Tap and hold the RAR file. Then, click on Unzip to and select Storage, My Files, Google Drive, Dropbox and then press UNZIP HERE.


This software is only available on Windows and is a powerful and free tool. This RAR File Opener Software is a vital tool. You need to click on your bit version’s download link and press Save or confirm.


Then you need to double-click on the WinRAR setup file and install WinRAR. You should go to your RAR file and double-click on it. You need to select a folder you want to open and press Extract To and then select a destination and click OK.

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RAR File Open Knife

It is a little tool that is specialized and efficient and extracts the RAR format of compressed files. It is RAR File Opener Software and is effortless to use as you just have to drag your RAR file into the application window. Then, you need to choose Extract or double-click on the RAR file that you want to decompress.

The program comes in more than 50 languages, and the engine is highly optimized. The performance of RAR File Open Knife is 2-11 % faster than WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc.


The above-given software’s are the Best Free RAR File Opener Software’s that are in use by people all around the world. You can use any one of the software’s and decompress your RAR file.

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In these days, you may not find a computer user who is unfamiliar with RAR files. RAR format has gained much popularity over these years as compared to its competitor archive formats like 7Z, zip, etc.Its reason is simple – a better data compression rate than ZIP. Moreover, RAR uses lossless compression.

Now, there’s a new RAR format – RAR5. It’s said to have better and fast compression-decompression as compared to the original format. And, it uses an enhanced encryption algorithm also.

What could be the benefits of using RAR5 over RAR4?

RAR4 was the default RAR format before RAR5. By the introduction of RAR5, the default compression directory size has increased to 1GB in 64 bit systems. For huge files, it’d offer greater compression.

And, be aware that the default size of the RAR compression dictionary was 32MB before RAR5. Now, you can spot the actual difference between these numbers.

Rar Extract Online

New recovery log is another specialty of RAR5. With a log size equal to or greater than 5% of the file, RAR5 is much more damage resistant than RAR4. It’ll be valid even the file become corrupted.

And, it’s known to have better damaged archive recovery as compared with previous RAR formats. It uses a more advanced file table for quick browsing of archive and it has multicore decompression support too.

Macos Rar Extractor

One more important thing is the encryption algorithm RAR5 uses. Unlike its previous version, RAR5 uses a solid 256-bit AES algorithm.

In many tests, RAR5 outrun 7-zip in terms of its speed and compression ratio although 7-zip is compared to be one of the fastest compression techniques available now.

What if I can’t able to unzip RAR5?

Macos Rar Extract Rar

If you want to open files compressed with RAR5 algorithm, then you need WinRAR5. All other attempts to open RAR5 compressed files with popular decompressors have failed.

This incompatibility issue will be the only one possible limitation of RAR5 format till now.