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MorphOS and MacOSX ports for 040415 build are now available online. April 16, 2004: Updated VCDGear console to build 040415. This fixes the broken dat2mpg option. At the moment only Win32, Linux (x86), and SunOS builds are available. Other ports will be available soon. March 22, 2004: Gabriele has provided an Italian translation file. Expand over 30 formats: StuffIt, Zip, RAR, 7z, tar, open encrypted segmented or split files easily. StuffIt Expander Adobe Flash Player. View Flash content in your Web browser.

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July 12, 2006
Universal binary release for MacOS X now available in the Downloads page (release build 041114). Thanks Werner!
February 13, 2005
VCDGear GUI updated to build 050213! This fixes the rar=>cue/bin=>mpg problem where the output files are missing as discovered by darkmo0d: . Thanks for reporting this darkmo0d!

A new conversion option has been added: rar=>bin=>mpg. This is for those of you who have RAR files containing BIN files but no CUE files.

Also, multiple RARs can now be selected when performing rar=>cue/bin=>mpg or rar=>bin=>mpg

January 31, 2005
A Vietnamese beta language file has been posted in the Downloads section. Thanks Ha Giang!
December 19, 2004
Latest *BETA* build of VCDGear (GUI) posted in the Downloads section. Please be advised that since this is a BETA, some things may be broken or do nothing. Nevertheless, it should be relatively stable and has a number of bug fixes and several enhancements. E-mail me if you find new bugs please!

Last but not least, Happy holidays everyone and enjoy the holiday vacation!

September 4, 2004
Build for Tru64 UNIX provided by Peter Kolmisoppi.
Build for AmigaOS4 port provided by Costel Mincea.

Thanks guys!

April 20, 2004
MorphOS and MacOSX ports for 040415 build are now available online.
April 16, 2004
Updated VCDGear console to build 040415. This fixes the broken dat2mpg option. At the moment only Win32, Linux (x86), and SunOS builds are available. Other ports will be available soon.
March 22, 2004
Gabriele has provided an Italian translation file. Thanks!
February 24, 2004
Lorne has provided a standalone binary for the OS/2 platform which does not require the EMX runtime library.
February 20, 2004
Build 040217 now posted in the downloads. This update fixes some problems found when using the -cfg
parameter. A segfault error on the SunOS release has also been fixed.
February 15, 2004
Console releases updated to build 040205. There are minor fixes to the way directories are handled with the CUE/TOC index files.

Thanks to CISC, Mattias, and Lorne for providing 040205 builds for MorphOS, MacOS X, and OS/2.
The binaries can be found in the downloads page.

Added a second Turkish language file. Thanks Serhan!

January 1, 2004
To all of you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Another year has rolled by and so I hope that you are all excited about 2004!

It's been a while since I last updated but I've been pretty busy with other items offhand. Work on VCDGear still continues though :-) As you can see, I have managed to give the website a bit of a facelift. Some pages were reorganized and purged so the site should now be a bit cleaner.

Today the VCDGear console version has finally gotten a much needed update! This new version builds upon the same engine used in the successful v3.50 GUI release. Most features found in v3.50 can also be found in the console release such as SVCD imaging, multilanguage support (via the existing v3.5x language sets), and of course the vast conversion/extraction options.

VCDGear is now used in SVCD2DVD to extract streams from images. SVCD2DVD is written by badger to automate the conversion of VCD and SVCD movies to DVD. Check out the SVCD2DVD homepage for more information on this great tool!

Download the VCDGear v1.76 console version.
Jimmy Chang has also provided a Chinese language set. Thanks Jimmy! You can download it here.

September 2, 2003
Added Danish language set for v3.50. Thanks Stefan Overby!
June 27, 2003
Added Hungarian language set for v3.50. Thanks Jozsef!
June 14, 2003
Added v3.50 language set for Spanish and Swedish. Thanks Poveda and Hansen!

VCDGear v3.55 is now publically available for download!

Here are some of the many improvements and bug fixes in this new release:

  • progress bar popup for samples only shown on vcdgear tab (fixes crash)
  • more GUI cosmetic glitches fixed in Task creation form
  • fix for Decompress and Delete RAR option failing after first 2 tasks
  • Moved Delete RAR as subcomponent of Decompress
  • Multiple RAR decompress support
  • rar->mpg dynamic folder support.
  • individual samples can be created and saved to task (v2.1 task files )
  • sample editor can be run separately
  • edited sample can be viewed now without clicking on No/Yes
  • separate menu selection for 'external' run programs
  • improved fix routine by a notch
  • able to add a sample clip and put images/sample into separate folder anytime
  • and more..!!


April 5, 2003
Added language set for Czech. Thanks Zandera!
March 11, 2003
phodown has provided a Portuguese language set. Thanks! Check it out in the downloads section.
February 25, 2003
NEW: Turkish language pack for GUI v3.50 available.

Turkish pack for GUI v3.06 has been updated in the downloads area.

January 27, 2003
French language set for v3.50 is now online. Thanks francois!
January 22, 2003
Polish language set for v3.50 is now online.
January 20, 2003
VCDGear v3.50a released -- mainly patches the logic error in the dat->mpg routine. Other fix includes some beauty glitches.
January 13, 2003
iCe87 has once again provided us with the Korean language pack. only this time it is for v3.50. Thanks!
January 5, 2003
Romanian language pack for v3.50 now posted. Thanks Octavian!
January 3, 2003
torsten has sent a German language pack for version 3.50. The language pack can be grabbed in the Downloads. Thanks torsten!
January 2, 2003
Happy New Year and Happy 5th Birthday to VCDGear! :-) To start off this new 2003 year, the web site has undergone a little bit of change. Not only that, VCDGear v3.50 has been released! Here is a quick run down on what's new:
  • Major rewrite to 1.7 engine and a lot of bugs from previous version should be fixed (hopefully new ones aren't introduced!)

  • SVCD image generation

  • Improved conversion and auto-detection routines

  • Improved fix and padding routines

  • More task / batch processing options

    Update macbook air os

  • New options to extract MPEGs direct from BIN without CUE files

  • Fixed some bugs in VCD imaging routines. Can now generate TOC/BIN files as well

  • More batch processing option (automatic SFV creation, etc..) to make distribution even easier

  • SVCD imaging supported

  • Image spanning for large MPEGs implemented

  • Sample clips of your video can be generated along with your images

Language files for v3.50 will need to be written. Please download the new English language pack. The new English pack includes a text file containing the changes needed to update an existing v3.05 language file.

So Happy 2003 everyone and enjoy the latest release! :-)

Mac Os X Rar File

by Thomas Luft

University of Konstanz

A few months ago I was looking for a new sample scene to test watercolor renderings. I was thinking of something complex, filled with vegetation - like trees overgrown with ivy. Fortunately I was able to implement a procedural system so that the ivy would grow by itself. The result is a small tool allowing a virtual ivy to grow in your 3d world.
The ivy grows from one single root following different forces: a primary growth direction (the weighted average of previous growth directions), a random influence, an adhesion force towards other objects, an up-vector imitating the phototropy of plants, and finally gravity. This simple scheme reveals that the goal was not to provide a biological simulation of growing ivy but rather a simple approach to producing complex and convincing vegetation that adapts to an existing scene. The ivy generator imports and exports obj+mtl files.
Here are precompiled versions for Win32, MacOS, and Linux including the source code of this project under the GNU General Public Licence. The MacOS port was kindly done by Robert Templeton (Kuroyume's DevelopmentZone). The Linux port was kindly done by Ruben Lopez. Previous releases and additional stuff can be found in the download section.
ivy_generator_Win32_1.3.rar (4,259 KB) (23.03.07) (8,797 KB) (23.03.07)
ivy_generator_Linux_qt4_1.3.tar.gz (2,873 KB) (28.03.07)

Feel free to use this tool in your projects! See also the FAQs!
The IvyGenerator v2/beta is still postponed.
Copyright (c) 2007 Thomas Luft. Last changes October 6, 2008.
Pavel Zoch
Konja Urban(?)
Tim Ellis
Heika Hartela
József Lipka
Kirk Dunne
Rainer Schmidt
Curt Roth
Daniele Del Grande
Doro Forster
Baz Mazur(?)
Frédéric Boullier
Antonio Casado
Dieter Waibel
Tom Schuelke
Marcus Wengenroth
Brian Looney
Mark Dunakin
João Félix
Dave Davidson
Jérôme Prévost
Nicolas Wirrmann
Leonardo Merlos
Marco Mosetti
Michael Betke
André Vieira
Helton de Oliveira
Tudor Schinagel
Anthony McLin
Hong Jin P
Peter Christiansen
Ziv Qual
Richard Perrine
Marion Goldschmidt
Alejandro Ruano
Dan Robo
Derya Genç
Giorgio Macellari
Vitek Lasota
Berthold Grünhagen
Daniel Ackermann
Espen Harildstad
Jimmy Gunawan
Davide Guldoni
Thilo Ewers
Dinamo Productions
Diego Emanuel
Robert Seidel
Peter Guthrie
Ramon Zancanaro
Marcin Zemczak
Camille Lymer
Michael Ball
Marc Gutowski
Dean R. Robitaille
Federico Zimbaldi
Csaba Kanal
Székely Tamás
Andreas Dietz
Mads Droschler
Adán Martín
Camille Lymer
Krzysztof Cebula
Dmitry Levin
Bjorn Malmberg
Oliver Hatton
Szabolcs Csaszar
Thank you very much for your stunning feedback and the beautiful renderings!
ivy_generator_Win32.rar (4,259 KB) (15.03.07)
ivy_generator_Win32_1.3.rar (4,259 KB) (23.03.07) (10,565 KB) (18.03.07) (10,565 KB) (20.03.07) (8,797 KB) (23.03.07)
ivy_generator_Linux_qt4_1.3.tar.gz (2,873 KB) (28.03.07) (7,006 KB)
set of textures including normal maps etc., kindly provided by Tim Ellis (sonix(at)
Ivy Generator tutorial
explains first steps using the Ivy Generator, kindly provided by Mark Dunakin (MD arts)
Ivy Generator & Blender tutorial (at
explains how to use the Ivy Generator in combination with Blender, kindly provided by Tim Ellis (sonix(at)
May I use the Ivy Generator in a commerical project? May I use my results (renderings and meshes) in a commerical project?
Yes, you are allowed to do that.
Can I somehow support this project?
Yes, you can. Please, visit
Is there a manual for this tool?
The current release of the Ivy Generator contains only a basic instruction (see readme.txt). Future releases will of course have a more detailed manual.
The import does not work properly - my scene looks somehow cluttered. What can I do?
The current release of the Ivy Generator supports only triangular faces. Thus, you have to triangulate your mesh before importing.
The ivy is growing very slow. What can I do?
Please consider the possiblity of using simpler proxy geometry for the Ivy Generator. The growing performance depends strongly on the complexity of your scene.
I can't see the ivy growing - it is growing inside my objects. What can I do?
Please press 'flip normals' after importing your scene, and try again.
Is it possible to create another ivy without closing and re-opening the Ivy Generator?
Simply place a new root - double-click in your scene. Then the existing ivy will be deleted and you can grow a new one.
The exported files are HUGE. What can I do?
Future release will provide LOD techniques for this complex kind of mesh. By the way, you don't have to wait until the ivy is completely grown - by pressing the 'grow' button again, you can stop it whenever you want.
The exported files are empty. What can I do?
Please press 'birth' before exporting.
Can you please implement feature x?
The current release of the Ivy Generator is unsupported. Feel free to send me your feedback for future releases.
Do you plan to write a plug-in for software x?
Future releases will have a plug-in friendly software structure. If you are interest in writing a plug-in version for a specific package, please let me know.
Does this software run on a 64bit operating system or Microsoft Vista?
The current release was not tested on such a system so far.
I can not see any textures within the Ivy Generator?
Some former graphic cards do not handle textures of arbitrary size. Please, try to rescale the textures to a power of two format, e.g. 256 x 256 pixels.
I did not find an answer..
Feel free to write me an email ;-)