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Add as many email accounts of any type your like to Airmail. (Gmail, GSuite, iCloud Mail, Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, IMAP and POP3).

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The app’s true hallmark, however, is in the way you create reminders; just type in that you have “Dinner with Alexa on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.” and watch the app schedule it with a reminder.

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Smart Inbox

When you just want to see the important emails, the smart inbox is here for you. It automatically filters out newsletters and other distractions, leaving you with just the crucial messages.



When you don't want to deal with an email now, but don't want it in your inbox either, use the snooze function to hide it until it's relevant. From concert tickets to flight confirmations, keep the emails out of the way until you need them.


Unified Inbox

See all of the email in all of your inboxes at once with the unified inbox feature. You can even exclude accounts from this view if you want to.

Privacy Mode

If privacy is paramount then you can enable privacy mode which will process all the data locally on your device. Privacy mode also blocks tracking pixels, and prevents images from loading automatically.

Send Later

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Schedule emails for the perfect moment. Schedule your emails to land in the recipient’s inbox at just the right time. Whether it’s a client in Australia or a business partner in Europe, your email will always be on top.

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Zenkit, a popular enterprise app suite, is back with a brand new app today aimed are unifying collaborative note-taking and outlining, and the intuitive function for linking of ideas. Read on to learn more about Zenkit Hypernotes. Sharepoint download mac.

The addition of Hypernotes to the Zenkit suite aims to fulfill the need to be able to effectively pool the knowledge of all members of the company into a valuable shared resource. Hypernotes help people to intuitively document and organize their ideas, research, and knowledge, make connections to related concepts, and ultimately enables teams to more quickly and consistently meet their goals.

Our goal is for Hypernotes to increase the “read:write” ratio in organizational documentation — to ensure that people are actually reading what’s been written. This is achieved through effective outlining and referencing which allows users to quickly navigate to important information. We want Hypernotes to help future-proof your organization.

Zenkit CEO Martin Welker

Zenkit Hypernotes works on mobile, desktop, and the web. Built into this new app are some key collaboration features:

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  • Bi-directional linking between related notes for easy knowledge connections
  • Break large topics into smaller sub-topics using the outline feature
  • Automatic suggestions to link related but as yet unconnected notes
  • Embedding of text blocks to reduce duplicate content
  • Knowledge graphs for better discovery of your content
  • Offline access on mobile devices
  • Extensive collaboration on the task, note, and notebook level

Notion Macbook App

The note-taking ecosystem has seen a lot of innovation in the past year. With COVID-19 reinforcing the need for collaboration tools for remote teams, apps like Spike and Twobird are integrating notes into the email inbox while apps like Roam Research and Notion are innovating in unique ways with linking workspaces together.

Zenkit Hypernotes is part of the Zenkit ecosystem of apps that include project management, task management, and a chat app.

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