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I have some demos that I downloaded and they come with a Makefile.win and a Makefile.sgi. How can I run these in Windows to compile the demos?

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If you have Visual Studio, run the Visual Studio Command prompt from the Start menu, change to the directory containing Makefile.win and type this:

You can also use the normal command prompt and run vsvars32.bat (c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0Common7Tools for VS2008). This will set up the environment to run nmake and find the compiler tools.


Check out cygwin, a Unix alike environment for Windows


Check out GnuWin's make, which provides a native port for Windows (without requiring a full runtime environment like Cygwin)


Here is my quick and temporary way to run a Makefile

  • download make from SourceForge: gnuwin32
  • install it
  • go to the install folder

C:Program Files (x86)GnuWin32bin

  • copy the all files in the bin to the folder that contains Makefile

libiconv2.dll libintl3.dll make.exe

  • open the cmd(you can do it with right click with shift) in the folder that contains Makefile and run



If you’re running any release from macOS 10.13 to 10.9, you can upgrade to macOS Big Sur from the App Store. If you’re running Mountain Lion 10.8, you will need to upgrade to El Capitan 10.11 first. If you don’t have broadband access, you can upgrade your Mac at any Apple Store. Learn more about how to upgrade. Apple catalina upgrade.

Plus, you can add arguments after the command, such as


make.exe skel



With Visual Studio 2017 I had to add this folder to my Windows 10 path env variable:

There's also HostX86


If it is a 'NMake Makefile', that is to say the syntax is compatible with NMake, it will work.

Often standard Linux Makefiles are provided and NMake looks promising. However, the following link takes a simple Linux Makefile and explains some fundamental issues that one may encounter.


Firstly, add path of visual studio common tools (c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0Common7Tools) into the system path. To learn how to add a path into system path, please check this website:http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000549.htm. You just need to this once.

After that, whenever you need, open a command line and execute vsvars32.bat to add all required visual studio tools' paths into the system path.

Then, you can call nmake -f makefile.mak

PS: Path of visual studio common tools might be different in your system. Please change it accordingly.



Osx Install On Pc


Maybe you can try NetBeans IDE.

Osx Install Gcloud App


If you install Cygwin. Make sure to select make in the installer. You can then run the following command provided you have a Makefile.

Osx Install Gcloud Command

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