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  • If you want to set a password to protect files and folders on your USB flash drive, after selecting what you want to encrypt, then type the password to encrypt your USB drive, just enter the same password twice and click 'Lock' button. All the encrypted folders, drivers will be listed here with details.
  • Type your password ahead of Enter password and repeat it at Verify password. Your OS will then encrypt your file or folder and save it to your desktop. There are other ways you can encrypt a file on your Mac without resorting to the Terminal window, using third-party software like iZIP and BetterZip.
  • The ZIP file archive format (ZIP) was originally invented for MS-DOS in 1989 by Phil Katz. Seeing the need for an archive application with a Graphical User Interface, Nico Mak (then employed by Mansfield Software Group, Inc) developed the WinZip application for Microsoft Windows. WinZip 1.0 was initial version for Windows.
  • Regardless of the compressed file's format, you can unpack more than 40 different formats, including CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, RAR, Zip or 7Z. Just double-click the icon and the content of the file will appear on the screen. Then, choose whether to unpack it or run the files without having to unpack it previously.
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As the integrated password protection only handles one file at a time, you might also consider the 7-Zip encryption option. If you are dealing with a large volume of Excel spreadsheets that you want to protect, password protecting all of them in a single archive (with a strong and unique password!) is a handy option that also uses AES-256.

Parallels 11 download for mac. Summary

Want to password protect external hard disk but do not want to influence the normal use of the free space and not-so-important files in external disk? Try professional external hard disk encryption software here!


Reasons of Password Protect Data in External Hard Drive

Portable memory devices like external hard disk, USB drives, SD card, etc help us to carry data on the go. But these devices have their own disadvantages like it is easy to lost or even fall into wrong hands, which means all the data inside will be compromised. Can we get a better protection to the folders which save important data in the external hard drives and portable devices? Then nobody can get access to the files or data inside the devices without your authorization. The best way is to protect these data with password which is set by your own!

How to Protect Data in External Hard Drive with Password

In Windows, we can password protect the folders which is saved in computer with the built-in encryption function. But how to password protect external disk at will and will not influence the normal use of the free space and not-so-important files? Here we recommend 2 professional data encrytion software to you. You can pick one at will.
Being an encryption software, Renee File Protector can encrypt, hide and lock data in local disk, USB disk and shared folders. The encryption function in Renee File Protector will not limit the file size. Users can encrypt any files with this software and whole process is safe and simple.

The encryption algorithm that Renee File Protector uses is private and advanced, which make it hardly detectable. And the encryption for folder in external hard drives and external memorydevices can control the unauthorized access effectively.

Can You Password Protect A Zip File Mac

Get Overall Protection to Privacy Data with Renee File Protector

Password protects folder and files in external memory device like USB disk, memory card, etc.

Password protect network folders to ensure corret users get access to correct shared folder.

Supports to hide, lock folders/files/parititon in local disk.

Erase data you select forever without trace. Protect your personal data!

Compatiable with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Password Protect Zip File Mac 2020 Torrent

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Password Protect Zip File Mac 2020 Free

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