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For those of you familiar with Prezi, you might be scratching your heads when it comes to publishing your hard work online, notably the popular social network Slideshare.

If you work in Marketing and don’t know about Prezi, check it out right now. Prezi is the answer to that feeling you get when somebody opens their laptop and plugs in the projector (ie. nap time).

Even for the uninitiated, Prezi is an excellent tool for producing an attractive presentation quickly and easily. Prezi has some useful features, but it seems as though Linkedin are adamant to draw the line between traditional presentations and Prezi’s.

Prezi – No Slides PowerPoint Alternative. Prezi became very popular because it was the first to offer a real alternative to the typical slideshow format of presentations. It’s still the best option for what we call “non-linear presentations”. قم بتنزيل آخر نسخة من Prezi Desktop لـ Windows. أنشىء عروضا أصلية! يمكنك استعمال Prezi Desktop لإنشاء 'prezis' (عروض PowerPoint) على الحاسوب الخاص بك بدون. Free prezi templates make it easy for you to make a vibrant, colorful and appealing presentation. These sample templates are available in numerous formats and creative themes. These example templates can be used for business, educative, marketing, advertising and many other types of presentations.

How to Convert your Prezi into a PPT

Prezi doesn’t allow a direct Powerpoint (PPT) conversion, but there’s a nifty process that will have your persuasive presentation up in no time!

1. Create your Prezi

Simply visit and register a free account to begin creating your Prezi. There are premium accounts available for those with a budget.

2. Download your Prezi as a PDF

Prezi has a few handy exporting tools, including the ability to Download as PDF. Click Share > Download as PDF and Prezi will begin converting your presentation into a PDF.

3. Convert your PDF to JPG’s

There are a number of options available to convert your PDF into an image format, but there’s a handy tool that does this job very well called Any Free PDF to JPG converter. Alternatively, use Adobe Reader or Mac bundled software Preview.

4. Create a presentation with JPG’s

Create a presentation with your favourite presentation software Microsoft PowerPoint, PowerPoint for Mac or Apple’s own Keynote software. Create a blank presentation template and insert your shiny new JPG’s.

5. Upload your PPT to Slideshare


Now that you have a fresh presentation ready to go, you can save and upload to Slideshare as per usual. Be sure to add any notes or links to your Slideshare upload, as this will help your work become more discoverable.

That’s it! If you’re not convinced, check out our original Prezi and the post-conversion PPT presentation uploaded to Slideshare.

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Everyone agrees that Microsoft PowerPoint is so 20th-century. It’s not the best free presentation tool (in fact it’s not free at all). So what should you use if you want to make 21st-century presentations? A few options come close to claim the best free presentation software. In this article, I’m going to show you why Powtoon is the best free presentation software and the best alternative to PowerPoint.

1. Powtoon – The best free animated presentation software


When it comes to presenting and making presentations, Powtoon succeeded in creating a whole new category of presentations. Forget bullet points, templates, and files on your computer. Powtoon is an online tool that allows users (PC or Mac) to easily create animated stories for presentations or explainer videos. Unzip utility for mac shortcut. Slides are only used to manage content while creating the presentation which, when on screen, provides an easy to grasp narrative. If you are a Google Drive user get excited because Powtoon integrates really well with it. Powtoon is great with voiceovers, and allows you to integrate a great script with fantastic animated characters.

2. Google Drive Presentation – The Simple PowerPoint alternative

We work a lot with Google applications and they are great alternatives to some Microsoft applications. You may already be familiar with Google Drive, and if not then we highly recommend checking it out. Google allows users to get started with presentations super quickly and efficiently. It looks just like PowerPoint but is much easier to use. What can we say, the software was built by geeks and it shows! While the aesthetics of the presentations are quite lacking, and the templates are too basic, it is, however, very strong on collaborative work. Creating PowerPoint-like slides has never been easier.

Prezi for mac free. download full version

Many people use Google Docs presentations to start their creative process and then switch over to more robust programs.

3. 280 Slides – The Aesthetic PowerPoint Alternative

280 Slides is one of those unknown, “no one has heard of”, slideshow apps that surprisingly has quite a large user base. That’s because presentations made with this program look just like Microsoft PowerPoint fancy edition! It’s easy to use and many users often create slides in Google Docs or PowerPoint and then import them into 280 Slides to get that fancy, fun feel.

Prezi For Mac free. download full Version

A quick search online shows that many of the presentations created with 280 Slides end up on SlideShare, and other great features include autosave and recovery (also available on Powtoon and Google Docs). You can also export your slideshow back into PowerPoint if you want to share your presentations or have a collaborative aspect.

*Editor’s Note (2019): Sadly, we say goodbye to 280 Slides after they’ve since been discontinued as an available presentation product.

4. SlideRocket – The Professional PowerPoint Alternative

SlideRocket is an expensive web-based presentation application. SlideRocket offers a limited free option with the ability to import from PowerPoint and export to PDF. The higher price comes with many features including sales team collaboration and more, which is quite unique. The slide transition effects look great on the screen and resemble Flash more so than PowerPoint. You can also integrate content from sites like Flickr and YouTube, as well as utilize plug-ins in each one of your presentations. If you want great graphics and lots of templates and are willing to pay up when the time comes, this may be a really good option for you. It’s still a slideshow, but a really, really good looking one.

*Editor’s Note (2019): Sadly, we say goodbye to SlideRocket after they’ve since been discontinued as an available presentation product.

5. Prezi – No Slides PowerPoint Alternative

Prezi became very popular because it was the first to offer a real alternative to the typical slideshow format of presentations. It’s still the best option for what we call “non-linear presentations”. If you need to hop around a lot this is a good option because Prezi allows the presenter to skip to any part of the presentation with ease (unlike PowerPoitnt where users need to move back or forth one slide at a time).


Are you over PowerPoint yet? Clearly it has lost the title of the Best Presentation Software. Here is what we have to say about the various options:

Prezi For Mac Free
  1. Powtoon – Best free animated, infographic, or and live-action video and presentation software
  2. Google Docs: Best Simplified PowerPoint Clone
  3. 280 Slides: Best for good looking simple Bullet point presentations
  4. Sliderocket: Best Collaborative slideshow software
  5. Prezi: Best non-linear presentation software

Ready to convert your old PowerPoint presentation into something extraordinary? Convert PowerPoints to dynamic Powtoon for FREE now!

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Prezi For Mac Free Download

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