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Using the command line, use zip -v and unzip -v and see if the versions shown ate older than InfoZip zip 3.0 and unzip 6.0. If older, upgrade using homebrew or otherwise. And if it’s not InfoZip zip and unzip you’re finding, homebrew yourself copies of InfoZip zip and unzip, and check again. How to Unzip a Zip File With Your iPhone or iPad’s Files App The Files app, added in iOS 11, supports zip files. You can open them, see their contents, and extract files without any third-party apps. You’ll still need an app from the App Store if you want to create zip files. Unzip is one of the best zip file management apps on the market. Using this app, you can extract ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP, and other compressed files. Apart from unzipping, the app can also compress files into ZIP. Unzip allows you to fetch videos and photos from Camera Roll of your iOS device. IPhone Unzip app is a zip file management tool. Unzip can extract ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP and all other other compressed files. Supports split archives for certain formats.

Along with many awesome new features on iPadOS like auto-play in Photos and the floating keyboard comes the ability to quickly zip and unzip items in the Files app. This is a wonderful feature these days when so many people share large files for both business and pleasure.

Whether it’s a big collection of spreadsheets or a smaller group of images, here’s how to easily zip and unzip files on your iPad with iPadOS.



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How to zip files on iPadOS in the Files app

If you’re the one that needs to zip a selection of files into one archive, Apple has made it super simple to compress them in the Files app.

  1. Open the Files app and navigate to the folder containing the files you want to zip.
  2. Tap Select on the top right.
  3. Mark each of the files you’d like to zip.
  4. Tap More on the bottom right and select Compress.

An Archive.zip file will appear within that same folder and contain the files you zipped.

How to rename your ZIP file

It’s likely that you’re sharing the ZIP file you just created and changing the name is also likely unless you want to share it with the default name Archive.zip. With the new Quick Actions introduced in the Files app too, this is a breeze.

Unzip Apple
  1. Tap and hold the ZIP file until you see the Quick Actions pop up.
  2. Select Rename.
  1. Type in the new name and then tap Done on the top.

Done! Now you can do whatever you like with your ZIP file.

How to unzip files on iPadOS in the Files app

You can see how easy it is to zip files on iPadOS and unzipping them is even simpler.

  1. Open the Files app and navigate to the zipped file you want to unzip.
  2. Tap the file.

You’ll then see that file unzip and turn into a folder within that same folder. Just tap to access the contents.

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A long time coming

Download xcode for windows for free. The ability to zip and unzip files on iPad without a third-party app or jumping through hoops is a terrific feature for iPadOS. With these functions built right into the Files app, you can work faster than before.

What do you think of the ability to quickly zip and unzip files on iPad? Is this something you’ve been waiting for too? Let us know your thoughts on this or other new features for the Files app on iPadOS in the comments below!

Unzip Apple

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Unzip apple

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