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Because of the slow download speed from Apple servers, Chinese iOS developers would download Xcode from third party websites, such as Baidu Yun (now called Baidu WangPan), a cloud storage service hosted by Baidu, or get copies from co-workers. Attackers took advantage of this situation by distributing compromised versions on such file hosting. Simulator so slow it's unusable after download xcode 10. Tried deleting and reinstalling and still no fix. Hi all, I have run into a problem where xCode slows down my iMac while it isn't even running. Earlier this year I purchased a 21' 4K 3.0GHz 8Gb iMac for the sole purpose of running Xcode. The first thing that I did after unboxing was to install Xcode. The computer became so slow that it was unusable. Some examples.es to 5 minutes to open Notes.

  1. Xcode Simulator Download Slow
  2. Xcode 10.2 Download Slow
I have been downloading xcode 3.2.4_and_ios_sdk4.1.dmg for over 24 hours and see no end in sight. My download pane noted that the download would be 2.94 GB which was reached today at 1500 HRS, yet it continues to download. At the moment 3.44 GBs have downloaded.
The bummer is that I already had xcode v3.2.4 but found no way to only download the iOS SDK.
Anyone know how many more days this will take? My wife is beyond mad as we share the same bandwidth.

Download Xcode using wget. Mac os catalina skin pack full version download free. Useful for slow or intermittent connections. It uses wget and mechanize.

XcodeXcode Slow Download

24' iMac, 17' i7 MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)


Xcode Simulator Download Slow


Xcode 10.2 Download Slow

Posted on Nov 19, 2010 3:48 PM