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Zoom 3.6 Mac Download

• Better SVG parser (mainly for the Github Octicons)
• Other bug fixes
• Add a menu item for updating layer names (Menu → Layers → Rename Layer)
• Make it possible to set zoom from text input


• Bug fixes

• Show outlines instead of filled glyphs when you create circles and rectangles.
• Add a setting for changing the default width for new glyphs.
• An important bug fix in the TTF and OTF generator.


• Bug fixes, especially useful things if you are working with Adobe Illustrator but also many other small fixes.

• Moves selected objects in larger steps (Ctrl + arrow).
• Better SVG parser.
• A setting for the number of decimals in SVG fonts.


• A new tab for folder import of SVG images (batch import).
• Support for rectangles with rounded corners.
• Bug fixes related to ligature substitution in the kerning tab.

• Add the option to delete all kerning pairs in a font.
• Important bug fixes in the SVG parser.


• Add support for renaming glyphs (in the POST table).
• Add support for filtering glyps. You can keep a small subset and delete all other characters.
• Bug fixes.

• An additional format for single stroke CNC (engraving) fonts (same way back).
• Bug fixes and updates for older operating systems.


• Single stroke paths for CNC machines.
• Unicode 13
• Four letter vendor ID

• Bug fixes and speed optimizations


• Many improvements to the overview tab

Zoom 3.6 Mac Download Cnet

• Better spacing classes. It makes to kerning and spacing of your fonts easier.
• Smaller file size for OTF fonts.
• Many improvements to the underlying engine and plenty of bugfixes in all parts of the program.


• Solve problems in OpenType-SVG fonts.


• Fix SVG folder import.


• Better tools for editing COLR paths.

• Better SVG parsing. Support for the “use” tag in the SVG parser.


• Speed optimizations.
• Bug fixes.

• Support for aalt, a new OTF tag for alternates. Illustrator uses this feature.
• Additional vertical guides.


• Retain view and selected glyph when switching character set in the overview tab.
• Compare both monochrome and color glyph in the editing view.
• Make it possible to import a TTF or OTF glyph even if a Unicode value can't be found for it.
• Menu reorganization (view menu).

• Automatic backups.
• A new tab for creating ligatures.


• Edit COLR glyphs in Birdfont.
• Generate COLR fallback from SVG and vice versa.

• Support for a new color font format: COLR/CPAL.
• Visual feedback when fonts have been exported.
• Set a color as the forground color in COLR glyphs (the color will be selected by the user).


• Better strokes, use less points. Fix bevel and round line joins.
• Center glyphs vertically.

• Add stylistic set substitution, OTF tags ss01 – ss20.


• Enable comments in SVG file names for designers that imports all files in a folder.

• Add a customized character set to the overview tab.
• Center glyphs.


• Import and export large character sets in OTF fonts.

• Set width for all glyphs at the same time.
• Add support for adjusting line gap.
• Cut paths (Ctrl+X or Cmd+X).


• Fix OTF support (compatibility with After Effects).
• Support for adding new Unicode points.
• Show ligatures in search results.

• Bug fixes: grid, file dialog and special search terms in the Unicode Charater Database (UCD).


• Fixes for SVG files made with Illustrator.

• Theme color fixes.
• Fix resize tool.


• Customizable preview template (HTML).

• Speed optimizations of spacing classes.
• Bug fixes in OTF files on Mac.


• Better conversion from SVG to font.

• Round, bevel or miter line joins.


• Fix SVG import.

• OTF support, OpenType Fonts with PostScript outlines.


• A good number of bug fixes.
• New file extension: .birdfont replaces .bf. You can still open your font in older versions of the editor if you change the extention to .bf.

• Adjust underline thickness and position in a font.
• Run faster on Windows.
• Export large (CJK) fonts.
• Fix parsing of TTF fonts.


• Add support for input with Cyrillic keyboards and other character sets.
• Fix ligature encoding.
• Use native file dialog on Windows 10.

• Make sure fonts pass validation in Font Book.


• Fix stroke export.

• Fix parsing of CSS data in SVG files
• Updated Unicode Character Database (ucd)


• Fix Illustrator import

• Color font support for Edge


• Support for Arabic scripts

• Color fonts


• Better SVG import

• Larger number of kerning pairs is supported in the GPOS table (LookupType 9: Extension Positioning).


• HiDPI support on Windows and bugfixes.

• Change writing direction to RTL (right to left) in kerning tab
• Bug fixes


Zoom 3.6 Mac Download

• New freehand tool
• Rotate objects and point handles with 45 degree steps
• Bug fixes

• Speed opimizations


• Improved vertical metrics in TTF fonts
• Sandbox support on Mac OS
• Bug fixes

• More descriptive fields in TTF fonts (license, designer, URL etc.)
• Stylistic alternates (OpenType feature tag: salt)
• Small Caps (OpenType feature tag: scmp)
• Capitals to Small Caps (OpenType feature tag: c2sc)
• Swashes (OpenType feature tag: swsh)
• Parse circles, ellipses and lines in SVG files


• Support for high resolution screens

Zoom 3.6 mac download

• Lock grid and guides
• Merge overlapping regions
• Bug fixes in the TTF generator

Zoom 3.6 Mac Download Mac


• Layers
• Mac specific TTF fonts (fixes fontbook problems)

• Fallback font with support for many languages
• Faster GUI


• Speed optimization in font export
• Faster search queries in the Unicode Data Base
• Better parsing of SVG files generated with Illustrator
• Dialog for importing a folder with SVG files

• Stroke
• Round line caps
• Bug fixes

Can I Download Zoom On Mac